a busy life

well, it's been a while. life is busy and hectic, but definitely in a good way. covid has definitely had an impact on life. i'm home more now, working remote 100% of the time now. coaching slowed down quite a bit for me because of reductions in incomes and changing priorities for many. in the meantime though, the design side of my business has been very busy. eLearning and video projects are keeping me busy. adding new clients to the roster has been an energizing and stimulating experience. the challenge of taking on graphic design work tied to learning content to create branded materials and templates has been fun.

in addition to the business growth, i recently went through the application process to join the board of directors for the prosper chamber of commerce. i received my letter confirming that they have selected me and will be sworn in early january. i'll be volunteering time with the chamber, building a larger business network and expanding the contacts i have in the community. it's an exciting opportunity, with a great opportunity to learn more about the businesses in the area and work with other entrepreneurs.

we sent our children back to school a couple months ago and that has turned out to be a good decision for our family. it was a struggle to make that choice, to know if we were doing the right thing for our children and for our family as a whole. it has turned out to be a gift and i am so grateful to the educators in my children's school.

part of being busy has meant a great deal my time is full and i have stepped back on my online presence considerably because of my workload. i miss sending off a regular missive to my clients though via email or the blog.

i also ended up putting off releasing the book. as time has gone by, i've found that my focus is shifting considerably. i still plan to release the book, but I think I will be reworking some of the content. the more time i spend away from it, the more i feel like there is a stronger message to add and more valuable content to provide to readers.

i'm so excited about the revamp of my website. being home has made me reconsider how i was presenting myself and the brand of edit l&d. the website felt cluttered and didn't reflect the goals i had. i've spent some time looking at websites and trying to find inspiration for the brand and the site. the new look was released today and i'm excited to share it with you.

check out the new site, let me know what you think!

Christy Zuehl

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