A moment to appreciate

Life can be so busy. The holidays, work, family, social commitments, and more. I find myself rushing from activity to activity. Work commitment to work commitment. Sometimes, it is easy to get caught up in that rush and forget about why I'm doing all the things I'm doing. The last couple of weeks have been very busy. We traveled for Thanksgiving, then came home and my husband went on a business trip. My girls had school events, sports, and social obligations. When my husband got home, I had the weekend booked. I had said YES to a lot.

To prepare for the book club Facebook Live at noon today, I spent some time today reading more of When Less Becomes More by Emily Ley. The book reminded me to slow down and appreciate the moments.

Saturday was crowded with a parade, Christmas festival, two slumber parties, and a daddy-daughter dance. Sunday was an early day because of Sunday school and church. I had committed to more on Sunday as well. At church, my children were exhausted. They had no more energy and just needed sleep. So I decided to stop. I canceled most of my plans. I let the girls rest and I was able to rest too.

It gave me a moment to appreciate my life. My life is SO filled with blessings. My work life is flexible and accommodates my ability to be a mom. My children have amazing friends who include them in fun adventures. My husband is a great dad who spends time letting them know how much they matter to him.

We had a blessing filled Thanksgiving time with family. We were able to have a very special day yesterday. My house is decorated for Christmas and we're going to have our family with us over the holidays. Life is filled with blessings. As I am typing this blog article, my daughter is sitting with me and helping me.

I know this can be a time of stress and overwhelm for people. I am finding that I appreciate the book club because I am able to focus each week on different ways to make less become more. Last week, I kept the Christmas decorations simpler than usual. Today, I slowed down the day for my family. By slowing down and keeping things simple, there is more time to appreciate the now. To watch my girls grow into the women they are becoming and to appreciate the blessings in my life. It also gives me time to bake cookies and enjoy the holiday season.

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