Are they really your friends???

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Let's talk about friends.

When you sign-in to your Facebook account, how many friends do you have? Are they people you actually talk to and keep in touch with? Or are they acquaintances you feel obligated to be "friends" with?

Be present with your friends, not online online

Deleting friends who aren't really your friends

This may sound harsh. The reality is though, we only have so many hours in our day. If you are wasting those hours on people who you would never actually hang out with, maybe it's time to consider dropping them from your friend list. Social media is a great escape from reality. Unfortunately, it is a snapshot in time in a person's life, it's not their day to day. If someone is truly your friend, Facebook should be your secondary method of keeping in touch, not the primary one.

Instead of spending your time on your device watching other people's lives, pick up the phone and go spend time with those people. I promise you, they will appreciate it and you will have a great time.

Reducing the spammy clutter

How many of the friends you have on your personal social media accounts post things that you DON'T want to see? How many post dozens of times a day about junk? It feels like they must spend all day looking for memes to post.

Reduce the spammy clutter

Did you know you have the ability to block posters? So if you have a friend who constantly posts things that fill your feed with spam, you can click on the three little dots on the top of your Facebook feedback and either mute the poster for 30 days or hide all posts from the third party poster. I personally love this feature. It means that if I login to view what's happening in the lives of the people I care about, I can see the posts that matter, not the spam people post.

Also, if you have a friend or loved one who is constantly posting stuff you aren't interested in but that you want to stay in touch with still, you can mute them for 30 days or unfollow them. They will still be your friend, but you won't have them cluttering up your feed. It does mean you have to go directly to their page though to see what is up with them.

Contact List

I talked about this last week, but I am reiterating this one. Clean up your contact list. Keep the people you care about current in your contact list. That way you aren't constantly having to ask for addresses, look in your texts for updated contact info and search through a ton of contacts to find the right one.

Simplify your address list

On a personal note, I have a girlfriend who I kept sending important messages to. She NEVER answered me and she's really reliable. One day we were talking about it and trying to figure it out. Turns out, I had an old contact in my address book. We're talking a contact that was 15 years old! They had the same name. That person is not part of my life anymore and who knows if they have the same contact info. I deleted her from my book and guess what? I haven't had that issue again.

Keeping things simple is important to having balance in life. Cut back on the junk you are inviting in and you will feel much less overwhelmed.

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