Drowning at my desk

Do you ever feel like you are drowning at your desk? There is paperwork everywhere, files are disorganized, everything is piling up and there's no more space for anything? A year ago, I remember looking around my craft room/office area and not even knowing where to start. I LOVE to craft and if there's a machine or a gadget, I had it. I'd saved all the scraps from every project for the next project, or for my girl scouts troop. Who knew when I would need it again. I'm a curriculum designer so I had samples of almost every project I'd ever designed. I had other materials I had collected as examples of things I wanted to design someday. I went to school FOREVER so I had all the work from my undergraduate, teaching credential and graduate degrees.

I loved being able to see the fruits of my labors. I also hated how full everything felt. It stressed me out. My office was full of odds and ends furniture. Nothing matched, there was ton of color (which I love) but it was chaotic. Every surface was full and yet, I didn't feel like the room represented who I thought I was on the inside. I'm a highly organized person. Everything had a place. The thing is, I didn't need it all. I wasn't using it. I was holding on to the idea of the stuff. I DIDN'T NEED IT.

I started out slowly. A bag at a time. Slowly letting go of supplies and materials. It was hard at first. Then I went through the school work, projects, piles of papers, etc. What I found was there were certain items that had value to me. The rest were expendible. I didn't miss them when they were gone. As I kept repeating the cleanout cycle each month or so, I'd find more things that I didn't really need.

The space slowly became more and more open. The clutter less and less. Surfaces weren't cluttered. I didn't need all of the storage containers, shelves and organizational items I had in the past. Cupboards were empty and I was ready to get rid of more and more. Now, there are still a few things I need to let go of, but overall, I love the space. The furniture reflects my personality and my workspaces have only the things I use regularly on them. Everything has a place and there is space.

I'm sharing this story because I know I'm not alone. My sister in law once texted me this meme. At the time, I was absolutely this person. I had so many supplies. There was NO time to use them all, nor did I really love them. I was addicted to the idea of using them and having them. When I let go of the idea that I might use them someday, it was easier to let go. The more I let go of, the lighter I felt.

Now, on a monthly basis, I do a clear out. I pick a space and clear it out. I pack it all into my minivan and drop it at a donation center. This week, I am challenging you to do this in your workspace. Here's a list to get started:

  • Party & craft supplies

  • Memorabilia/ photos you don’t need

  • Old notebooks/ school books that are no longer of use

  • Old magazines/ books you’ll never reread

  • Old mail, manuals, receipts & paperwork

  • Dried out pens, markers or broken pencils and crayons

  • Old business cards

  • Old keys

  • Shredding that needs to be completed

  • Birthday cards

  • Unfinished projects

  • Old electronics

  • Extra wires or cords that will not be reused

I can't wait to hear about your successes! Tell me what you achieved this week!

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