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This week, my plan was to talk about decluttering your social media accounts. I was going to provide solutions and techniques for clearing them out. However, this week, I've found myself reflecting on the deeper meaning of being a coach and providing support to those I work with.

When I was in a tough spot in my own life, struggling with anxiety and panic attacks, I found a coach who supported me and eventually we found a greater connection in common beliefs and goals. She started out guiding me to find my path, determine what I was scared of and helping me to grow into the person I wanted to be. Somewhere along the way, I found out what I was afraid of and was able to push myself through it. What I found was that in my heart, I wanted to be living my life differently. I was afraid to make changes because I feared I would disappoint my loved ones. I feared being accepted as myself and not being who they thought I should be. The thing I realized as I went through the process is that if they love you, they will still love you, even if you do something different.

I wanted to share my story today because I think more than likely, there is someone out there who needs to hear it. You should be loved for being yourself, even if that means you are not fulfilling someone else's hopes, dreams or expectations. I am not telling you that it is acceptable to be irresponsible or waste your life. What I am saying is that you should choose to follow the path in life that brings you joy. It may mean a career change, studying something different or following a dream. It may mean taking up a hobby you have always wanted to. We are all different, and that is okay.

As I have worked through my own growth, I have found that I expected my passion and focus to be isn't where I have ended up. As I have worked through the transition, I have found I keep gravitating back towards certain characteristics within my own personality and strengths. I thought I would be focused on business consulting. Instead, I find I am focused on life balance coaching and training design. I spent many years working as an instructional designer, trainer, and facilitator. I love interacting with others and seeing them blossom in their knowledge and abilities.

I also love helping others to find the strength to fight through their fears and achieve their goals. That is why I write this blog, offer the 60 Days to Simplicity workshop and provide coaching services.

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