Lemonade and how to make it

Today I sent out a newsletter about making lemonade out of lemons. I send my emails out and sometimes I get responses to them, but often, I wonder what impact they make on the people who read them. Today, I received a response. From someone who is on my mailing list, who I see on social media, and who is a professional in the same Chamber I am part of. Her email was simple and yet, it raised me up. She told me my email inspired her. I INSPIRED HER! Wow. Thank you. That means the world to me.

We're all in the same boat right now. SOCIAL DISTANCING is now a term in our vocabulary. Our children are being taught online. We're helping them in ways we have not done since they were little for sure, but possibly NEVER. I have been reflecting on our life and our home since we've been home. There are some things that are happening that remind me of when I was a stay at home mom:

  1. We're eating meals as a family

  2. We're taking walks as a family

  3. We've set up a schedule and are having family meetings to make sure it works

  4. My children are laughing more

  5. I understand what is going on with them better because I am present to see it

  6. My house is being lived in and the spaces are more purposeful

The other thing that I find myself doing is appreciating. I appreciate the time with my family. I appreciate that so far my family hasn't gotten sick. I appreciate my neighbor who took the time and sacrificed several rolls of toilet paper because we were running critically low. I appreciate seeing my neighbors in the street and getting to talk to them (from an appropriate distance). I appreciate seeing people out walking during the day. Seeing children riding their bikes and playing in their yards. Seeing families working outside and taking care of their homes, gardens, and more.

I appreciate it because normal life is too busy. People don't have that kind of time. We're all commuting, rushing to appointments, sports, and more. It's nice to slow down. Even when we don't want to.

It's funny, I created the 60 Days to Simplicity workshop because of life being so busy and overwhelming. The program is focused on letting go of distractions, clearing your calendar, reducing the electronic clutter in your life, and letting go of stuff. Social distancing has created the perfect environment to do so. I'll be releasing the workshop in a self-study format soon. It's the perfect time to do it. Life is way less busy for many of us. Why not take advantage of the time and simplify life?

I can't wait to share the new workbook with you. It's pretty awesome. It's designed to be done over 60 days (9 weeks). Hopefully, we won't all still be practicing social distancing in 60 days, but why not take advantage of today? Let's turn this time into a lemonade moment instead of sour lemons.

Today, we took a couple of walks, I spent many hours with my children doing schoolwork, we ate meals together, and generally, it was a pretty great day. How did you spend your day? What do you appreciate about your day?

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