Magic Pill

There is no magic pill, at this point, you've probably realized that. Instead, change takes time, effort, and commitment. You have to believe in yourself and the goals you have set. The only person who can achieve them is you. At this point, if you are blaming someone else for your failures, you need to stop. If you are innovating, you are changing. Not the environment around you. You are changing.

You have worked very hard to become empowered and work through your fears and doubts. Now you need to work on the plan you created. You have to make the changes you committed to. I know - it's scary.

Let me tell you how scared I was when my friend convinced me to record a live segment with her. I was sick to my stomach. I hate being the center of attention. I agreed though and I had to follow through. I felt nervous and squirmy just thinking about it.

Even though I was scared, I was determined. What made me scared also made me stronger. It pushed me to my limits and helped me to grow.

There is no magic pill. Setting up healthy habits and working to be consistent is key. Will you be perfect every day? No. No one is. All you can do is try your best to be the best you. Not someone else. You've already empowered yourself. You've designed your plan. Now you need to innovate and implement the change.

You've got this.

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