Mistakes Happen

When you make a mistake, or you are not prepared, stop, think, and get creative.

I recently went camping with my family. It was the second trip of the year. The first time, we forgot "everything" and had to go shopping to get through the weekend. This time, I had learned my lessons and planned ahead. There were still a couple things forgotten - a can opener, milk, sliced cheese, my camping chair - but overall, we were much more prepared. Unfortunately, I hadn't planned for my morning coffee properly.

I brought two types of coffee with me. One was in a can, and I didn't have a can opener. The other was a cold brew - 1/2 coffee, 1/2 milk - and I didn't have milk.

I had to create a solution. We had a wine bottle opener - FAIL. A knife - FAIL. So I started digging through our gear and found these old army issue tent stakes. Solid metal spikes that could hold down a serious load. Creative solution found! I was able to hammer a small hole into the canned coffee. Enough to pour into the French Press and have a lovely cup of joe.

Thinking outside the box worked and I was happy with the end result.

Why tell this story? What does it have to do with the innovation in your life? We all can get stuck in habits and patterns of doing things the way we have always done them. When you feel stuck, try doing something different. Approach the solution from a different angle and use tools that you wouldn't normally use to find a solution.

One struggle I have had in my own process of changing my life and career is figuring out how to plan out what I want to share and when. I'm working through my plan on a monthly basis - each month I will cover a different topic. Additionally, I have bonus topics I want to share. Sometimes through live videos, other times through my newsletter or blog.

What I want to build is a sense of community where we can learn together and grow.

Obviously, I offer life coaching and instructional design services. I specialize in learning so this planning is part of building my business. It is also a way I can learn from others. We can share ideas and learn.

The opportunity to learn and grow should always be seen as the gift it is.

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