No more storage space????

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

I have spent WAY too much time over the years having to delete files and photos from my phone so that I can take ONE MORE PICTURE. My phone was so full of stuff I could have backed up, deleted or archived that there wasn't space for me to take a photo of my kids during their birthday party, at the school assembly or some other special moment.

Last year, I started to reduce the clutter on my devices. I started backing up my photos so that they were not slowing down my device. I deleted the files and apps that were not useful or that were taking away from my day. For me, that meant deleting Words with Friends and Candy Crush, because they were time wasters. Great fun, but I could waste way to much time on them. In addition, I started going through the files had been saving. I had duplicate files on multiple devices, was saving emails I no longer needed and generally was overwhelming myself with things I had to manage.

This week, we're going to focus on looking at how to declutter the devices in your life. Clean up your contact list, delete files you no longer need, remove apps that are causing you to waste time, and give yourself back time.

When I did this process the first time, my contact list was reduced by hundreds of people. The information I had was SOOOOOO out of date for many of them that the contacts were useless. I also had so many duplicate contacts. When I merged them together, it made managing them so much easier.

I also went and looked at my social media accounts. If the people I was connected to were not people I might pick up the phone and call, I decided they didn't belong on my personal wall. I deleted acquaintances and people who I only was staying linked to because I felt bad for deleting them. I also made those people who were close friends a priority on my accounts so that I would see their posts first. I started blocking posts that were really just spam. It's easy to do in Facebook. Simply right click on the upper right hand corner and you can hide posts for 30 days or block them completely. I have friends who I adore, but they post about 30 memes a day. I don't want to see that in my feed. It's a waste of time. I'd rather see the latest pictures of their vacation, what they did over the weekend or how their kids are doing.

If the information you are seeing is not serving you in achieving your goals or engaging you intellectually in some way, why are you looking at it? It's just like the junk mail in your mailbox. It creates clutter, takes up time and causes you to have to do extra work to get rid of it. If you are getting a bunch of spam emails, block the senders, report the spam, unsubcribe and make going through your messages easier! It may take a little while to truly clear out the spam, but after a couple weeks of consistently taking action, you will find you receive far fewer emails you don't care to see. Plus, you may even start saving some money because you're not receiving ads telling you that your "favorite" store is having a sale.

This week, I challenge you to take the time to declutter your electronic devices. Spend 30-60 minutes each day removing things that are distractions, cleaning up your address book, removing apps you don't need and simplifying your devices.

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