Planning to Achieve Your Goals

As I have shared before, when I was 13, I went to Franklin Covey training. This training impacted me greatly because it gave me a method to prioritize and plan. For over twenty-five years, I have leveraged the training I was given. I use the tools to keep to-do lists, track my

habits, set goals, plan my week, set my weekly priorities and more. In the current phase of my life, I use the planner to track personal appointments, business appointments, weekly to do lists for EDIT Learning & Design and my personal life, keep track of my children’s schedules, and things that are going on with my husband.

This year, I have purchased 4 planners. This sounds crazy, I know. The reason I have purchased four planners is the shifting priorities in my life. At the beginning of the year, I had an Emily Ley Simplified Planner. I love these planners for the format, layout and more. I didn’t love it though for how I manage my planning process. I decided to try the Erin Condren Petite Planner. It has 4 books – one for each quarter. I also had a journal and goal setting book from the line. I really thought that it was the ideal solution. I quickly realized that I didn’t like the way it all fit together. The portfolio is very cool, and I like the idea of it. It was too bulky though for me and I didn’t like that I had to swap out the quarterly books. Turns out, I like to have my whole year in one planner. So, I shifted to an Emily Ley monthly at a glance planner from Target. I ended up carrying the planner in a binder with a notebook and storage folders so I could keep all my stuff together. Again, it was too bulky. I was also bullet journaling because I needed to keep track of everything.

In March, I purchased my fourth planner. It’s a tried and true planner for me. It’s called the Legend Planner. Last year, I used the Law of Attraction planner, I think it’s a 7x9 format. The Legend Planner is smaller, 5x7 roughly. Both planners have goal setting, emotional wheels, monthly and weekly calendars and space for notes. I like the smaller size of the Legend Planner. I love the price – about $30 on Amazon. I love the layout of the weekly pages in the Legend Planner because on the left, there is a weekly calendar with room to write out your appointments, daily to do list and more. On the right, the page is broken up into sections: weekly priority, habit tracking, work to do list, personal to do list, notes and a weekly top 3 successes and a next week 3 things to work on.

I like this because every Sunday, I can sit down and plan for the week. I can meal plan, track to dos, think about my priorities and then plan accordingly. It’s very efficient. I also like the form factor because it fits in my purse. It’s not a big clunky book. It’s streamlined and simple. Emily Ley has the comb bound and bound versions of her planner. I have used the bound one and prefer it because its form factor is like my Legend Planner.

Why do I like paper planning? There is something about the act of physically writing down what I need to get done that cements it in my mind. I’m not dependent on technology, which I like. Once I have written something in my planner, I know I have a plan for how I’m going to tackle it. All these things are important to me. I can see my accomplishments on paper. I can look back through my planner and see my achievements. That’s a big deal to me. I like being able to look back and see what I have achieved. Sometimes it seems like we’re getting nothing done. The paper planner allows you to map out your plan physically.


I would love to hear about your favorite planners and techniques for planning. What tools do you use? What do you like about them? What would you like to see that is missing? Share your thoughts below.


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