Transforming Your Life

I have been on a journey for over a year to transform my own life. I have been working to design a life I love. How have I done this? A variety of ways. I have worked with a life and business coach to identify where the areas I want to focus on lie. Additionally, I have set a series of goals for myself. They are long term and ever expanding as I move through them. The big picture goals though are:

  1. Launch EDIT Learning & Design

  2. Get healthy through exercise and nutrition

  3. Meet my financial goals

I have been steadily working on them and have made a great deal of progress. I have launched my business, achieved some of my health goals and am working towards my financial goals. Transformation takes time and effort. As you achieve each step, you will find that you are ready to grow into the next step. For example, on my last birthday, I joined a fitness camp to help me get back in shape. I couldn't run a half mile when I started. I'm currently training for a 10k. I have scheduled several runs for the rest of the year. They're paid for. I've enlisted friends and have set up a team. I have accountability partners who are there to cheer me on.

While transformation takes time, it is worth the effort. One step at a time, you can transform your life.

Transformation is the final step in a journey to change your life for the better. I like to think of the Empower. Design. Innovate. Transform. process as cyclical. We are forever working to improve ourselves and the world around us. As a small business owner, this may mean constantly evolving to serve your market. As an individual, this may mean, growing through education, fitness, career goals or a personal passion.

I hand this thought off to you, and ask you a question. What would transformation look like for you?

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