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I'm a small business owner, how do I train my team?

You have a great small business and you love what you are doing. You have hired a team that you believe in. Sometimes though, when you are working with your team, you wish that you had some training designed for them to reduce the time you spend away from running your small business.

Creating a training program may seem overwhelming. You don't know how to organize the information, you're not sure how to communicate the brand of your company, you're not great with the software so putting it together seems impossible.

When you are at this point and unsure of how to proceed, you can help yourself out by making a list of the things you want to make sure you are communicating.

Take a breath, and grab a cup of coffee.

We're going to talk a little about how you can gather the information you need together.

You may want to create a file folder and put all the information you need to gather into it. You can also create it on your computer.

Now, that list. You will want to create a few columns. Label them: New Hires, Ongoing and Growth.

In the New Hires column, make a list of all the things you need to teach a new hire to get them started in their role. This could include things like company values, brand awareness, policies & procedures, best practices at the company, etc.

The Ongoing column would be items that you have to do on an ongoing basis. Compliance training, human resources training, sexual harassment, these types of programs. It might also be things like industry updates or standards that have changed.

Finally, the Growth column. This is your bucket list for your company. In order for your company to grow and flourish, what do you think your employees will need to know in the future? What can you do to build your business and help them to grow it?

Once you have these lists, you have a starting point for determining what training is needed for your employees.

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