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joy in creativity

depending on the project i am working, the creativity and types of work can vary greatly. recently, i have found much of my work focusing on using adobe suite products. illustrator and captivate specifically. i enjoy this kind of work and find it challenging also. working with audio in audition and trying to help others to understand how to use the tools. trying out tools i haven't used in a while like videoscribe to create whiteboard style videos. so much fun and a great challenge for my design skills.

as a coach, my time is generally focused on helping my clients to identify their goals and ways to achieve them. it's about time management, setting priorities, and determining why they are demonstrating certain behaviors and how they can resolve the things that are holding them back. setting actionable steps and working towards making meaningful change in their life. it's also a creative process, just different.

looking at a problem, finding the solution, and working to achieve the expected outcome is a satisfying experience. whether it is creating a really cool learning solution or helping a client to get to their goal, i am grateful for the opportunities to create something new.

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