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planning a winning design

As a designer, my goal is to create learner-focused solutions that have a major impact on your organization. Lately, what this looks like is creating online learning that is visually stimulating, has high quality, professional audio, and that is produced just in time. Every company has its own brand and culture that needs to be conveyed during training. Setting yourself up for a winning end result requires planning and forethought. Some questions to ask include:

  • Why are you creating this training solution?

  • What is your end goal?

  • Who are you targeting? Who is your audience?

  • What do you hope to achieve by providing this training?

  • What areas for improvement do you see in the organization that this training will address?

  • Have you addressed this before? What was the result?

This will get you started in determining what needs to be done. There are a lot more questions I ask when analyzing the needs of your organization so that I can provide recommendations on the appropriate learning solutions, but this should help you in preparing to discuss your goals.

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